Richings Park

                COVID 19 Return to golf

Firstly, we wish to express our appreciation to you for the patience and understanding that you have shown during the period the Club has been closed.

We know everyone is desperate to get back on the course and envisage that when lockdown is lifted the demand will be very high therefore, measures will be introduced to try and ensure everyone has the opportunity to play while keeping themselves and others safe. The main objective will always be Play Safe Stay Safe which is the message coined by England Golf.

• Course Access

• Arranging Your Round and Arrival

• Booking Etiquette

• Before Your Round

• On the Course

• After the Round

• Rules of Golf Related Matters.

Course Access

To access the course a player must:

• Not be displaying any symptoms of COVID 19.

• Not be in self isolation.

• Not have been around anyone with the illness for 14 days (to the best of your knowledge)

• Be a member of RPGC or a Day Visitor

• Have a pre reserved tee time

Arranging Your Round and Arrival

• Golfers equipment should be sanitised before leaving home.

• Golfers should travel alone or with a member of the same household.

• Arrive at the club no more than 20 mins before your allocated tee time.

• There will be one way systems where possible. For example to access the Pro Shop please enter through the Clubhouse and exit via the Pro Shop Doors. Please leave clubs and trolleys outside.

• Observe social distancing in the car park. Please spread out and leave one car width apart.

• The course will be open for Social Golf only.

• Tee time Bookings should be done via Phone or Email or .

• Members Roll ups must assign one representative to liaise with Carl or Simon with regards to booking tee times.

• Members are asked not to come to the Club unless they have booked a tee time.

• All competitions and matches have been postponed. This will be reviewed regularly, and updates issued accordingly.

Before Your Round

• Access to the changing rooms will only be permitted to members for Locker access and use of the Toilet. The Showers will be out of use for the foreseeable future. There is to be no congregating in the locker rooms and shoes must be changed in the car park.

• All groups will start from the 1st Tee and 10th Tee. If you wish to play 9 holes only then you can start on the 10th Tee.

• There is to be no queuing on the 1st tee - only those teeing off and the next group should be present.

• A maximum of Four players will be allowed on the putting green and priority given to those next to tee off. Putting time will be limited to 10 minutes.

• Only 2 people at a time will be allowed on the short game area, Ideally one at each end.

• Scorecards may not be necessary but if used should not be swopped with partners.

• No caddies are permitted.

On The Course

• Social Distancing observed throughout. 2-metre rule applies.

• Closed Rubbish Bins on the 10th and 11th and divot boxes have been removed. The green staff will repair divots as regularly as possible.

• Ball washers have been covered over.

• Bunker rakes have been removed. Please use your club or feet to rake bunkers after 

• Flagstick to remain in holes and not to be touched. If the location of the hole is not changed, sanitiser will be applied as part of the daily course set up.

• Hole cups have been filled with foam for contact free ball retrieval; these will be sanitised as part of the daily course set up.

• The Shoe Cleaner has been switched off.

• Once a hole is completed the group in front must have exited the tee box before players can progress to the next hole.

• Equipment, food or drink must not be exchanged between players.

• Players must not pick up another players equipment or ball.

• Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives

After Your Round and Getting Home Safely

• Hands must be washed and sanitised after your round.

• Members must call or email the club with any post round health issues relating to COVID 19 symptoms.

Pro Shop Arrangements

• One staff member will be present in the Pro Shop at any one time.

• Staff will be provided with PPE, masks and gloves.

• Hand Sanitiser and cleaning solutions will be provided outside the Clubhouse.

• Staff and members to obey social distancing guidelines.

• A Counter protection screens has been installed.

• All work areas and contact points will be sanitised regularly.

• Social distancing floor markings will be in place

• Card transactions only

Office arrangements

The office will be manned on a rota basis observing safe working practices and social distancing. Communications to the office should be made by email or phone. Please do not enter the office areas whilst at the club.

As mentioned in our introduction these measures have come about after consultation with various golfing bodies. Clubs throughout the UK will be implementing similar arrangements. We would like to hope that everyone adheres to the guidelines ensuring that a return to golf is made in a fair and safe way.

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